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We’re Cass and Mags, and we’re in our early twenties. Navigating your twenties (or transitioning from your late teens to your early twenties) is never easy, and so much information is already out there to help you with that. Except for the fact that most of this advice is from people who have already gone through their early twenties. With our podcast, we’re here to help you navigate this uncertain period in your life, as we also evolve and grow into the best adults we can be. Let’s ride the struggle together!


Helping you navigate your twenties, from two girls also in their twenties. A Cup of Growth is Adulting’s Survival Drink.



Explore our blog to discover additional content, advice and discussions about how to confidently navigate your twenties!

A Truly Interesting and Helpful Podcast

A Cup of Growth is an amazing source of unfiltered, straight-to-the-point information and relatable experiences that (combined with the in-depth and informative blog posts) has helped me to understand myself on a deeper level. Whether you’re looking to improve yourself or just need some advice on this stage in your life, this should be your next podcast!

Matt, started listening in March 2023

A Wonderful Podcast!

Such a great way to hear and speak about difficult topics and letting your personalities shine. Can’t wait for future episodes! Thank you for sharing such positive vibes x

Lily, started listening in March 2023

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